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Udvidelse Filtypeudvikler Filkategori Beskrivelse Af Filtype Primær Software Primær Softwareudvikler
.0-R Unknown Developer Rasterbilledfiler PNG Image XnView MP XnSoft
.0-W Unknown Developer Rasterbilledfiler PNG Image XnView MP XnSoft
.001 Smith Micro Software Rasterbilledfiler Split Archive File Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe Smith Micro Software
.1-P Unknown Developer Rasterbilledfiler PNG Image XnView MP XnSoft
.16 Ubisoft Rasterbilledfiler Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 Game Music File Salt Lake 2002 Ubisoft
.2BP Newera Software Technology, Inc. Rasterbilledfiler Pocket PC Bitmap Image File Graphics Converter Pro Newera Software Technology, Inc.
.2D Archway Systems Rasterbilledfiler VersaCAD 2D Drawing File Archway Systems VersaCAD Archway Systems
.360 Unknown Developer Rasterbilledfiler 360desktop Panorama File 360desktop Unknown Developer
.3R Parametric Technology Corporation Rasterbilledfiler Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher Raster Image Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher PTC
.4MI Piotr Fusik Rasterbilledfiler AtariTools-800 4 Missiles Data Recoil Piotr Fusik
.4PP Callisto Corporation Rasterbilledfiler PhotoParade Slideshow File PhotoParade Callisto Corporation
.695 RISCOS Ltd. Rasterbilledfiler RISC OS GIF Image File RISC OS RISCOS Ltd.
.697 RISCOS Ltd. Rasterbilledfiler RISC OS PCX Bitmap Image File RISC OS RISCOS Ltd.
.73I Texas Instruments, Inc. Rasterbilledfiler TI Bitmap Picture TI-83 Texas Instruments, Inc.
.82I Texas Instruments, Inc. Rasterbilledfiler TI Bitmap Picture TI-83 Texas Instruments, Inc.
.83I Texas Instruments, Inc. Rasterbilledfiler TI-83 Calculator Picture TI-83 Texas Instruments, Inc.
.9.PNG Google Rasterbilledfiler NinePatchDrawable Image Google Android SDK Google
.9XI Texas Instruments, Inc. Rasterbilledfiler TI-92 Plus Bitmap Image TI Connect Texas Instruments, Inc.
.A8 Cubicomp Rasterbilledfiler Cubicomp PictureMaker 3D Animation Data Unknown Software Unknown Developer
.ABM Unknown Developer Rasterbilledfiler Music Album Redbana Audition Redbana
.ABT Braille2000, LLC Rasterbilledfiler Annotated Braille Text File Braille 2000 Braille2000, LLC
.ACCOUNTPICTURE-MS Microsoft Corporation Rasterbilledfiler Windows 8 Account Picture File Microsoft Windows 8 Microsoft Corporation
.ACORN Flying Meat, Inc. Rasterbilledfiler Acorn Image Acorn Flying Meat, Inc.
.ADC Steffen Gutmann Rasterbilledfiler Scanstudio 16 Color Image ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute)
.AFL Piotr Fusik Rasterbilledfiler AFLI-editor Picture Image Recoil Piotr Fusik
.AFX Auto FX Software Rasterbilledfiler Auto FX PhotoGraphic Edges Image Corel Painter Corel
.AGIF Image Tools Group Rasterbilledfiler Active GIF Creator Project Active GIF Creator Image Tools Group
.AGP RL Vision Rasterbilledfiler ArtGem Project File ArtGem RL Vision
.AIC Erik van Bilsen AudioVisuality Rasterbilledfiler Advanced Image Coding File AIC software (AICSetup.exe) Erik van Bilsen AudioVisuality
.AIS Extreme Rasterbilledfiler Velvet Studio Instrument Velvet Studio Extreme
.ALBM Hewlett-Packard Rasterbilledfiler HP Photo Printing Software Album File Unknown Software Unknown Developer
.ANV Birch Grove Software, Inc. Rasterbilledfiler ActivTrak Net View File ActivTrak Birch Grove Software, Inc.
.APD ACD Systems Rasterbilledfiler ACDSee Photo Document ACD Systems ACDSee ACD Systems
.APM Adobe Systems Incorporated Rasterbilledfiler Aldus Placeable Metafile Image GIMP The GIMP Development Team
.APS Microsoft Corporation Rasterbilledfiler Visual C++ Resource File Microsoft Visual C++ Microsoft Corporation
.APX Ability Plus Software Rasterbilledfiler Ability Photopaint Studio Image Ability Office Ability Plus Software
.ARN Microsoft Corporation Rasterbilledfiler Autoruns Data File Microsoft Autoruns Microsoft Corporation
.ARR Lemkesoft Rasterbilledfiler Amber Graphic File Lemkesoft GraphicConverter Lemkesoft
.ARS Adobe Systems Incorporated Rasterbilledfiler After Effects Render Settings File Adobe After Effects Adobe Systems Incorporated
.ART Autodesk, Inc. Rasterbilledfiler ArtCAM Model ArtCAM Autodesk, Inc.
.ARW Sony Rasterbilledfiler Sony Digital Camera Image MacPhun ColorStrokes Macphun
.AVB Avid Technology Rasterbilledfiler Avid Bin File Avid Media Composer Avid Technology
.AWD Microsoft Corporation Rasterbilledfiler Microsoft Fax Document PolyView Polybytes
.B8 Open Source Rasterbilledfiler Bitmap Picture File IrfanView Open Source
.BFL XnSoft Rasterbilledfiler BFLI Image Format XnView MP XnSoft
.BGB Beck IPC GmbH Rasterbilledfiler Beck Graphics Bitmap GCLIB file converter Beck IPC GmbH
.BIG Electronic Arts Rasterbilledfiler Electronic Arts Game Data File Dragon UnPACKer Open Source
.BITMAP Various Developers Rasterbilledfiler Bitmap Image File Adobe Illustrator CC Adobe Systems Incorporated
.BL Unknown Developer Rasterbilledfiler Binary Linework TIFF Bitmap XnView MP XnSoft
.BLZ Nokia Rasterbilledfiler N-Gage Mobile Video Game File Nokia PC Suite Nokia
.BM X.Org Foundation Rasterbilledfiler X Windows System Bitmap Image X Window System X.Org Foundation
.BM2 DynaVox Mayer-Johnson Rasterbilledfiler Boardmaker Interactive Board File DynaVox Mayer-Johnson Boardmaker DynaVox Mayer-Johnson
.BMC Microsoft Corporation Rasterbilledfiler Bitmap Cache File Microsoft Windows Microsoft Corporation
.BMF IMSI/Design, LLC Rasterbilledfiler FloorPlan File IMSI TurboCAD Deluxe Redway3d and others
.BMP Various Developers Rasterbilledfiler Bitmap Image File Adobe Illustrator CC Adobe Systems Incorporated
.BMQ Acclaim Entertainment Rasterbilledfiler Re-Volt Mipmap File Acclaim Entertainment Re-Volt Probe Entertainment
.BMX Siemens AG Rasterbilledfiler Siemens Mobile Animations File Microsoft Windows Picture and Fax Viewer Microsoft Corporation
.BMZ Valve Rasterbilledfiler Portal Bonus Map Zip File Portal 2 Valve
.BOB Unknown Developer Rasterbilledfiler BOB Raytracer Bitmap Image XnView MP XnSoft
.BP Data Access Worldwide Rasterbilledfiler DataFlex Business Process Object DataFlex Data Access Worldwide
.BPG Open Source Rasterbilledfiler Better Portable Graphics (BPG) Image BPG viewer Open Source
.BPT Corel Rasterbilledfiler CorelDRAW Bitmap Master Data CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Corel
.BRK Dialogic Rasterbilledfiler Brooktrout Fax Document Canvas X ACD Systems
.BRN BrainStorm Software Rasterbilledfiler BrainStorm Data File BrainStorm BrainStorm Software
.BRT DAZ 3D Rasterbilledfiler Bryce Textures File DAZ 3D Bryce DAZ 3D
.BRUSH Xerox Rasterbilledfiler Xerox Doodle Brush Bitmap Image Unknown Software Unknown Developer
.BSS Capcom Rasterbilledfiler Resident Evil Background Images File Resident Evil Capcom
.BW Paul Haeberli Rasterbilledfiler White & Black SGI Image File FFmpeg FFmpeg team
.C4 Northrop Grumman Corporation Rasterbilledfiler JEDMICS Image File Trix DrawingCenter Trix Systems
.CA1 Piotr Fusik Rasterbilledfiler CrackArt Picture Image Recoil Piotr Fusik
.CA3 Casio Computer Co., Ltd. Rasterbilledfiler Casio WK-1800 Save All Data WK-1800 Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
.CAL Newera Software Technology, Inc. Rasterbilledfiler CALS Raster File Adobe Photoshop Adobe Systems Incorporated
.CALS Newera Software Technology, Inc. Rasterbilledfiler CALS Raster File Adobe Photoshop Adobe Systems Incorporated
.CAM Ucamco Rasterbilledfiler Gerber CAM Job File CadSoft EAGLE Autodesk, Inc.
.CAN Canon Inc. Rasterbilledfiler Canon Navigator Fax File Canon MP Navigator Canon Inc.
.CARD GameHouse Rasterbilledfiler Funkiball Adventure Game File Funkiball Adventure GameHouse
.CCH Microsoft Corporation Rasterbilledfiler .NET Security Resolution Cache File Microsoft .NET Framework Microsoft Corporation
.CCI Piotr Fusik Rasterbilledfiler Champions' Interlace Compressed Picture Image Recoil Piotr Fusik
.CCRF Calcomp Rasterbilledfiler Calcomp Raster Bitmap Image File ArcView ESRI
.CDC Autodesk, Inc. Rasterbilledfiler AutoCAD DesignCenter Preview Cache File Autodesk AutoCAD Autodesk, Inc.
.CDG Open Source Rasterbilledfiler Compact Disc Plus Graphics Image Nullsoft Winamp Nullsoft
.CE Digital Vision Rasterbilledfiler ComputerEyes Image XnView MP XnSoft
.CHART Interscape Rasterbilledfiler Feedback Chart File Microsoft Notepad Microsoft Corporation
.CHE Procedimientos-Uno, S.L. Rasterbilledfiler CHwinEHE Project Files CHwinEHE Procedimientos-Uno, S.L.
.CID Omar F. Reis Rasterbilledfiler Navigator Software Chart Image Description File Navigator Omar F. Reis
.CIN Kodak Rasterbilledfiler Kodak Cineon Bitmap File Adobe SpeedGrade Adobe Systems Incorporated
.CIT Intergraph Corporation Rasterbilledfiler Intergraph Bitmap Image File Intergraph SG&I software Intergraph Corporation
.CLIP CELSYS Rasterbilledfiler Clip Studio Format File CELSYS Clip Studio Paint Pro CELSYS
.CMP Microsoft Corporation Rasterbilledfiler Windows Connection Manager Profile Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Microsoft Corporation
.CMR CMA Coach Rasterbilledfiler Coach Results File CMA Coach CMA Coach
.CPC Cartesian Products, Inc. Rasterbilledfiler CPC Compressed Image File Internet Explorer Microsoft Corporation
.CPD Adobe Systems Incorporated Rasterbilledfiler RoboHelp Cache Project Database Adobe RoboHelp Adobe Systems Incorporated
.CPS Interscape Rasterbilledfiler The Powder Toy Save File The Powder Toy Interscape
.CPT Corel Rasterbilledfiler Corel Photo-Paint Image Corel Presentations X8 Corel
.CPX Oracle Corporation Rasterbilledfiler Oracle ADF Binding Context File Oracle JDeveloper Oracle Corporation
.CSF Intergraph Corporation Rasterbilledfiler GeoMedia Coordinate System File Intergraph GeoMedia Hexagon Geospatial
.CT Unknown Developer Rasterbilledfiler Cheat Engine Cheat Table Cheat Engine Open Source
.CUT Various Developers Rasterbilledfiler Dr. Halo Bitmap Image File Lemkesoft GraphicConverter Lemkesoft
.CVP Symantec Corporation Rasterbilledfiler WinFax Cover Page WinFax Delrina
.DAH Indigo Rose Rasterbilledfiler AutoPlay Media Studio Splash Image AutoPlay Media Studio Indigo Rose
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