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FileViewPro Supported File Types

Audio and Music Files

Audio and Music Files

.AMR Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec File
.MOD Amiga Music Module File
.M4A Apple Lossless Audio File
.PLS Audio Playlist
.CDA CD Audio Track Shortcut
.INI Configuration File
.VOC Creative Labs Audio File
.XM Fasttracker 2 Extended Module
.FLAC Free Lossless Audio Codec File
.IT Impulse Tracker Module
.M4P iTunes Music Store Audio File
.M3U Media Playlist File
.APE Monkey's Audio Lossless Audio File
.AAC MPEG-2 Advanced Audio Coding File
.MP3 MPEG-2 Audio Layer III
.MPC Musepack Compressed Audio File
.OGG Ogg Vorbis
.SPX Ogg Vorbis Speex File
.ODM OpenDocument Master Document
.REC Topfield PVR Recording
.TS Typescript Code
.VB Visual Basic Code
.WMA Windows Media Audio File
.XSPF XSPF Playlist File
Compressed Files

Compressed Files

.7Z 7z Archive
.BIN Binary File
.BOO Boo Code
.GZIP GNU Zipped File
.GZ GZIP Archive
.ISO ISO Archive
.JAR Java Archive
.MD Markdown
.RAR RAR Archive
.XPI XPInstall Package
.ZIP ZIP Archive
Database Files

Database Files

.DATA Data File
.DBF dBase Database File
.MDB Microsoft Access Database
Page Layout Files

Page Layout Files

.TEX LaTeX Source Document
.PSD Photoshop Document
.SVG Scalable Vector Graphics
Developer Files

Developer Files

.ASP Active Server Pages Code
.ASAX ASP.NET Server Application File
.C C Code
.H C/C++ Header File
.CS C# Code
.HPP C++ Header File
.CC C++ Source Code File
.CPP C++ Source Code File
.CSS Cascaded Style Sheet
.ATG Coco/R File
.COFFEE Coffee Script Code
.CGI Common Gateway Interface Script
.CFG Configuration File
.CONFIG Configuration File
.DAT Data File
.DIFF Diff file
.EXE Executable File
.XSL EXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations File
.XSLT EXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations File
.FS fsharp Code
.GO Go Code
.HBS Handlebars file
.MUSTACHE Handlebars file
.JADE Jade Code
.JAD Java Application Descriptor
.JAVA Java Code
.JS JavaScript Code
.LESS Less file
.LOG Log File
.LUA Lua Code
.PATCH Mercurial Patch File
.M Objective-c
.PL Perl Code
.DATS Postiats Code
.HATS Postiats Code
.SATS Postiats Code
.PS1 Powershell file
.PYM PYM Macro Preprocessor File
.PY Python Code
.R R Code
.CSHTML Razor C# Code
.RAKE Ruby Code
.RB Ruby Code
.SASS SCSS CSS extension
.SCSS SCSS CSS extension
.SIG Signature File
.THM Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Theme File
.SWIFT Swift Code
.D.TS Typescript Code
.BAT Windows Batch File
.CPL Windows Control Panel Item
.SCR Windows Screensaver
.XSD XML Schema Definition
.YAML Yet Another Markup Language File
.YML Yet Another Markup Language File
Digital Photograph Files

Digital Photograph Files

.ERF BioWare Entity Resource File
.CR2 Canon Digital Camera Raw Image File
.CRW Canon Raw CIFF Image File
.DNG Digital Negative Image File
.RAF Fuji RAW Image File
.MEF Mamiya RAW Image
.MRW Minolta Raw Image File
.NEF Nikon Electronic Format Camera RAW Image
.ORF Olympus RAW File
.PEF Pentax Digital Camera Raw Image Format
.CF2 Raw Digital Camera Image File
.RAW Raw Image Data File
.X3F SIGMA X3F Camera RAW File
.ARW Sony Digital Camera Image
.SR2 Sony RAW Image
Documents and Business Files

Documents and Business Files

.JTD Ichitaro Document
.PAGES iWork Pages
.WPS Microsoft Works Files
.XPS Open XML Paper Document
.ODT OpenDocument
.TXT Plain Text
.PDF Portable Document Format
.RTF Rich Text Format
.DOC Word 97-2003 Document
.DOT Word 97-2003 Document Template
.DOCX Word Document
.DOTX Word Document Template
.WPD WordPerfect Files
E-mail and eBook Files

E-mail and eBook Files

.EML Electronic Mail File
.MSG Microsoft Outlook Message
.EPUB Open eBook File
.DBX Outlook Express E-mail Folder
.PST Outlook Personal Information Store File
GIS Files

GIS Files

.KML Google Earth File
Graphics and Image Files

Graphics and Image Files

.BMP Bitmap Image
.GIF Graphics Interchange Format Image
.ICO Desktop Icon File
.JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group Image
.JPG Joint Photographic Experts Group Image
.JPE JPEG Bitmap Image Format
.JFIF JPEG File Interchange Format
.PNG Portable Network Graphics Image
.TIF Tagged Image File Format
.TIFF Tagged Image File Format
Spreadsheets and Presentation Files

Spreadsheets and Presentation Files

.CSV Comma-Separated Values Sheet
.XLS Microsoft Excel Documents
.XLSX Microsoft Excel Documents
.PPTX PowerPoint Presentation
.PPT PowerPoint Slideshow
.IIF QuickBooks File
.QIF Quicken Interchange Format
System-Related Files

System-Related Files

.ICA Citrix Configuration File
.DRV Device Driver
.DLL Dynamic Link Library
.REG Registry File
.SYS Windows System File
.MSU Windows Vista Update Package
Video and Movie Files

Video and Movie Files

.3GP 3GPP Multimedia File
.3G2 3GPP2 Multimedia File
.MOV Apple QuickTime Movie
.AVI Audio Video Interleave
.MTS AVCHD Video File
.TORRENT BitTorrent Metainfo File
.M2TS Blu-ray BDAV Video File
.DIVX DivX-EnCoded Movie File
.VOB DVD Video Object File
.VRO DVD Video Recording Format
.IFO DVD-Video Disc Information File
.FLV Flash Video
.M2T HDV Video File
.M4V iTunes Video File
.TOD JVC Everio Video Capture File
.MXF Material Exchange Format File
.MKV Matroska Video File
.MP4 MPEG-4 Video
.WMV Windows Media Video
Webpage Files

Webpage Files

.ASHX ASP.NET Web Handler File
.ASMX ASP.NET Web Service File
.XFDL Extensible Forms Description Language
.XML Extensible Markup Language File
.DO Java Servlet
.JSP JavaServer Pages Code
.MHT MHTML Web Archive
.VBHTML Razor VB Code
.HTML Web Page
.HTM Web Page