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Extension File Type Developer File Category File Type Description Software Software Developer
.ABD Interscape Data Files Adventure Builder Data Adventure Builder Interscape
.AC GNU Operating System Executable Files Autoconf Script X-Plane Interscape
.ACF Valve Game Files Steam Application Cache File X-Plane Interscape
.ADZ GNU Project Disk Image Files Compressed Amiga Disk File WinUAE Interscape
.AJP Interscape Video Files CCTV Video File AJP Player Interscape
.AKM Srinivas Annam Data Files Aksharamala Keymap Binary Data Aksharamala Interscape
.AKS Srinivas Annam Text Files Aksharamala Keymap Source Aksharamala Interscape
.AKT Srinivas Annam Text Files Aksharamala Keymap Source Aksharamala Interscape
.AMC Pegasys Video Files AMC Video File Ant Movie Catalog Interscape
.AMV VideoLAN Video Files Anime Music Video File Callum Hollywood AMV Studio Interscape
.ANIM Autodesk, Inc. 3D Image Files Maya Animation File ifanimplay Interscape
.ANM Unknown Developer 3D Image Files 3D Animation File Infinity Interscape
.ARC Symantec Corporation Backup Files Norton Backup Archive NbuExplorer Interscape
.ARR Lemkesoft Raster Image Files Amber Graphic File Multimedia Fusion Interscape
.ASI Borland Plugin Files ASsembler Include Asi Loader Interscape
.ASS Ubisoft Game Files Splinter Cell Blacklist Game Data File J2 Interactive MX Player Interscape
.AUD Interscape Audio Files Video Game Compressed Audio File Command and Conquer Interscape
.AUX Interscape Settings Files LaTeX Auxiliary File LaTeX Editor Interscape
.AVM VideoLAN Video Files Anime Music Video File Callum Hollywood AMV Studio Interscape
.BACK Interscape Data Files RMCProfile Coefficient RMCProfile Interscape
.BIX Take-Two Interactive Game Files Civilization 3 Scenario File Techjunkies i3 DVR Interscape
.BKG Samsung Electronics Data Files Samsung Document UWXAFS Project Interscape
.BLB SourceForge Game Files Interactive Fiction Package Game File Zoom Interscape
.BLS Interscape Game Files Blockland Saved Game File BlockLand Interscape
.BNK Unknown Developer Audio Files Adlib Instrument Bank TDU Modding Tools Interscape
.BOX Unknown Developer Data Files E-mail Mailbox Techjunkies i3 DVR Interscape
.BVF Interscape Audio Files iRock Digital Voice Recorder Audio Data irock! 100 Series Voice & Audio Manager Interscape
.BZW Interscape Game Files BZFlag World File BZFlag Interscape
.CBR Unknown Developer Compressed Files Comic Book RAR Archive Comical Interscape
.CBZ Open Source 3D Image Files Comic Book Zip Archive File Comical Interscape
.CCA IBM Data Files Cc:Mail Archive File Multimedia Fusion Interscape
.CCN Clickteam Developer Files Compressed Multimedia Fusion File Multimedia Fusion Interscape
.CCX Clickteam Plugin Files Click & Create Extension Multimedia Fusion Interscape
.CHART Interscape Text Files Feedback Chart File Feedback Chart Editor Interscape
.CHK Sophos Data Files InterCheck Checksum Database DIY DataRecovery CHK-Mate Interscape
.CHP Corel Corporation Data Files Ventura Publisher Chapter Document CodeHealer Interscape
.CIA Nintendo Game Files CTR Importable Archive Ctrtool Interscape
.CIE OxyTech Data Files CIE File Format File-Color Information Remote Director Interscape
.CLASS Oracle Corporation Developer Files Java Class File DirtyJOE Interscape
.CPGZ Open Source Compressed Files Compressed UNIX CPIO Archive ditto Interscape
.CPIO Power Software Ltd Encoded Files Unix CPIO Archive ditto Interscape
.CPS Interscape Game Files The Powder Toy Save File The Powder Toy Interscape
.CSL Interscape Data Files CineStyle Color Lookup File CineStyle Color Assist Interscape
.CSV Unknown Developer Data Files Comma Separated Values File GenScriber Interscape
.CTF Interscape Data Files WhereIsIt Catalog File WhereIsIt Interscape
.CTM LucasArts Entertainment Company, LLC Game Files Star Wars Republic Commando Map File WhereIsIt Interscape
.CVS Unknown Developer Data Files Comma Separated Values File GenScriber Interscape
.D02 Cadence Design Systems Data Files MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data File Jydivide Interscape
.D03 Interscape Compressed Files Jydivide Split File Jydivide Interscape
.D2V Interscape Video Files DVD2AVI File DVD2AVI Interscape
.DAP SpeedBit Uncommon Files Download Accelerator Plus Partial Download Diet Analysis Plus Interscape
.DBF dBase, LLC Database Files Database File Arago Interscape
.DCA IBM Text Files DisplayWrite Document Advanced Computer Innovations WordPort Interscape
.DCD IMSI/Design, LLC CAD Files DesignCAD Drawing DisCryptor Interscape
.DDOC Interscape Encoded Files DigiDoc Signature File qDigiDoc Interscape
.DDT Sports Interactive Game Files Football Manager Keep Player Data File Diagram Designer Interscape
.DDW Dream Design Entertainment Software Data Files GLBasic World File CSPro Interscape
.DE Interscape Page Layout Files DrawExpress Diagram File DrawExpress Interscape
.DED Roland Corporation Vector Image Files Dr. Engrave Document Dr. Engrave Interscape
.DEK Wizards of the Coast Game Files Magic: The Gathering Deck File Magic Interscape
.DFB Interscape Developer Files Data Flask Formula Interscape Data Flask Interscape
.DFF Zanoza Software 3D Image Files RenderWare Model File RW Analyze Interscape
.DFG Interscape Spreadsheet Files Data Flask Grid File Interscape Data Flask Interscape
.DFP Blackmagic Design Plugin Files Fusion Plugin File Interscape Data Flask Interscape
.DGT Interscape Data Files Digital Gallery File Digital Gallery Interscape
.DHT APTECH Data Files GAUSS Data Set Header File Aptech GAUSS Interscape
.DIM Active@ Data Recovery Software Backup Files Active@ Raw Disk Image Backup File DIME Parser Interscape
.DIME Interscape Encoded Files Direct Internet Message Encapsulation File DIME Parser Interscape
.DKD Interscape Audio Files Karaoke Music File JBK Karaoke Player Interscape
.DLC JDownloader Team Encoded Files Download Link Container File PyLoad Interscape
.DLI Interscape Data Files Win32.Sober.AD@mm File Win32.Sober.AD@mm Interscape
.DM2 Interscape Data Files Toad Data Modeler 2 File Toad Data Modeler Interscape
.DMT DeLorme GIS Files XMap Transfer File Topo North America Interscape
.DMU Interscape Database Files Musicnizer Database File Musicnizer Interscape
.DPE Procedimientos-Uno, S.L. Data Files DPwinEHE Project File DPwinEHE Interscape
.DSK Power Software Ltd Disk Image Files General Disk Image Simple IDs Interscape
.DTR Swisslog Data Files Swisslog Downtime Analyzer Report DTREG Interscape
.DTV Interscape Video Files DVD2AVI Mpeg2 File DVD2AVI Interscape
.DUB Interscape Audio Files Tuningwrench Audio Utility Compressed Audio Tuningwrench Interscape
.DVI The Evince Team Text Files Device Independent Format File Skim Interscape
.DWG Autodesk, Inc. CAD Files AutoCAD Drawing Database File BravoDRAFT Interscape
.E01 GetData Disk Image Files EnCase Image File Libewf Interscape
.EBF Microsoft Corporation Data Files Pocket PC WindowsCE Form EARS Interscape
.ECM Rbcafe Disk Image Files ECM Disc Image Gemc Interscape
.EEZ Mascom Encrypted Files Encrypted Infected File TorrentLocker Interscape
.ENC Smith Micro Software Encoded Files Encoded Data File TorrentLocker Interscape
.ENV Adobe Systems Incorporated Data Files Adobe Dictionary Data File X-Plane Interscape
.EPA Award Software Inc. Raster Image Files Award BIOS Logo Image Format ePhotoAlbum Interscape
.EPD Interscape Database Files ChessDB Extended Position Description ChessDB Interscape
.ERF BioWare Game Files BioWare Entity Resource File ERF/RIM Editor Interscape
.ES Interscape Audio Files ECHOSPEECH File ECHOSPEECH Interscape
.EWT Interscape GIS Files EWView Trace Data EWView for MS-DOS Interscape
.FBS Interscape Data Files Fastbid Plan Sheet Fastbid Interscape
.FCB Interscape Data Files FAAST Builder Data FAAST Builder Interscape
.FCS Interscape Data Files Flow Cytometry Standard File Verity Software House V-Comp Interscape
.FD Data Access Worldwide Data Files DataFlex Data File LaTeX Editor Interscape
.FDA Relic Entertainment Audio Files Dawn Of War Audio File FF&EZ Interscape
.FDD Parallels Disk Image Files Parallels Desktop Floppy Disk Image File FormDocs Interscape
.FDI Open Source Disk Image Files Floppy Disk Image Files WinUAE Interscape
.FDK Interscape Data Files Fluentizer Fluent Dictionary Fluentizer Interscape
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