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About Us

Solvusoft Corporation (formerly Celeritas Software Company), a leading producer of award-winning utility software, is a US-based software company serving millions of customers in 150+ countries worldwide. We maintain a global corporate presence in Las Vegas (HQ), Chicago, Belgrade, Doha, and La Paz.

We are a privately-held, family-owned company which allows us to focus only on the needs of our customers - without the interference of shareholders and other outside influence. We listen constantly to our customers and their first hand feedback. This results in our drive to continually improve our products.

Corporate Mission

"Create useful software to solve common computer problems."

Our company name, Solvusoft, comes from the Latin root word "solvi", which in essence means "the desire to solve a problem". Every piece of software that we create has one singular goal in mind: quickly and easily solve a common problem. This singular focus allows us to create easy-to-use, industry-leading software that solves our customers' problems.